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Thanks Mom for playing with the free tiny collage kit :)

This makes me so happy because it's smart and fun and colorful and filled with puns but mostly this makes me smile because MY MOM MADE IT!!  

 Thanks Mom!!!  I love you! 

 Thanks Mom!!!  I love you! 

I put a free tiny collage kit in my last newsletter and my mom created this little gem. You are the best Mom :) 

She had fun playing with the bits and pieces in the tiny collage kit and combined them with her quirky and always punny sensibility! I am going to put it on the fridge like she has done with my artwork since I was a kid! 

Thanks MoM!!! 💚💚💚💚 

Link at the top of this post for Joy of Collage class which starts tomorrow :) 

link to the tiny collage kit on my blog  


if anyone has a tiny collage to share, email me and I will put it up!! My email is lynniewhip@gmail.com