Here are a few videos and interviews about painting, art, music, inspiration, creativity, accountability meetings and other fun stuff. Thanks for being here! 

I recently had a lovely chat with SavvyPainterPodcast.. Antrese is wonderful, and has a huge library of artist interviews. Check out our podcast here


Here is a little taste of my online classes...

Online classes with Florida artist Lynn Whipple. "The Joy of Collage," "The Joy of Mixed-Media Assemblage," and "2015: Year of the Spark!" via

Karen Duncan and I have weekly accountability meetings, here is a snippet, for more visit my YouTube Channel

One of my favorite online classes, Bib Bold Bloom Wild Painting! Available as a self study! 

100 Bad Paintings - a video for anyone interested in creating. 

See more videos on my youtube channel. 

Make Art! words of encouragement.