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This mentorship is for artists (of all kinds) and non-artists alike, and will have impact in many areas of your life.

What you can expect from this one-on-one creativity mentorship:

We will use visual art as a way to grow your creativity in your chosen field.
You will experience genuine moments of joy, spots of resistance, some teeth gnashing, followed by grand expansive feelings of genius, followed by feeling lost or frustrated, followed by laughing…it's a lot like life only more fun and you get to move your hands. It will come to light that making art has so many parallels to the act of living fully. You will experience joy, freedom, confidence, feelings of growth and learning

As a teacher I have marveled time and time again witnessing the great peace of mind and satisfaction that comes over someone lost in the creative process. When you move your hands you settle your mind. Creating art has a nourishing effect. You can not make a mistake, everything is only a layer. I give you full permission to play and great tools and techniques to edit your work and form satisfying results. I will share with you many practices that have helped me meet thousands of deadlines, help you create tangible things that you didn’t even know existed and feel satisfaction and wonder that things that were only thoughts and images in your mind are now a reality. It is a glorious game. Let me help you play it at your perfect level.

Each two week creativity=happiness session will include:

– A questionaire to get you thinking about what you want from this mentorship (each 2 week session you will receive a new questionaire to keep you moving forward).

– A review of your current practice, project or work. I am really interested in what you do!

– Two 20 minute private video conference sessions (one each week).

Prompts to get you moving in the direction of your dreams.

Exercises to unlock and reveal what it is that you wish to experience or share.

– We will brain storm together to choose areas of study, or a certain project that is important to you and set up a personal curriculum to help you enjoy the process.

– There will be much support, accountability, conversation, emailing, sharing of information, positive feedback, honest critique and lots and lots of encouragement!

The minimum to get started is one 2 week session. However, to achieve maximum results on-going sessions and your commitment will be rewarded. I am offering a special if you buy 3 two-week sessions you will receive a 4th free. There are also price breaks for 3 months and 6 months. This on-going mentorship will be immensely supportive in creating huge change.

Space is limited to 8 students. Sign up today.

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Student testimonial:

"I have had a love/hate relationship with collage. I was convinced I just didn't get it. That it wasn't something I wanted to explore. But now that I've taken your course, I can see its effect E V E R W H E R E in my life.  
I keep repeating: It's only a layer. It's only a layer.
The other night, I was asked to work against a crazy-tight deadline to write a piece about a very challenging issue--something that's really charged (emotionally) for me.  And normally I would just sit and think about it and then the big ol' FREEZE would set in and I wouldn't write anything. 
Instead, because of you and your class, I sat at my computer and began to type. I kept telling myself, "It's only a layer, Jason. Just keep moving.  You can always paint over it if you don't like it."
And I wrote for hours.  And it was messy.  And I hated a lot of what I wrote.  And I loved bits and pieces of it. And I cut and pasted and cut and pasted and rewrote and "painted over a lot of it."
And "created new shapes" with the words.
And I finished the piece.
I'm still kinda shocked about the whole thing.
I can't thank you enough, Lynn.
Maybe there's always been a part of me that knew that I needed to explore collage?  That in doing collage, there are so many similarities to writing, songwriting, etc?
Maybe I was scared to find my way out of the black hole of stuck-ness?
Thank you.  Mahalo. You are a great guide.
Much Aloha, buddy!"
– Jason