Big Bold Blooms Wild Painting, Big Bold Bloom 2! Online classes

Big Bold Bloom Wild Painting! Join us September 4 - October 4, 2018 as we re-run this popular class! 

We will paint large, loose, colorful and free! Starting small with drawing exercises, we will move to mid size and finally large canvases. Lots of layers, lots of beautiful blooms as our muse, and lots of permission to play! Let's celebrate flowers together! Join our wonderful online community, where we share our work and offer positive feedback too! For more information, click here.



Here are few words from some of the folks in the Big Bold Bloom online class: 

Kate:  Thanks again for the most amazing class!!! Makes me so happy to continue to watch the videos and spatter and drip away!! Cannot wait for the next class!!!! Many many thanks for inspiring us all!!!!!

Tina:  From the bottom of my heart, YOU, dear Lynn, are just the best art teacher I've ever had. You challenged my senses and encouraged me to play and have fun; something I've forgotten to do. Now surrounded by the many blooms in my paintings, I'm dancing, feeling the joy of being free, and waiting for the next adventure with you. With deep gratitude for WHO you are, the goddess of fun and joy! Thank You! 

Emma:  HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended course!! One of the best investments to date!!

Patricia: Oh Lynn, what an amazing experience, I have NEVER enjoyed a painting course so much ..I have loved the way you have structured the course ,every step of the way was leading to a finale of a painting so joyful and full of light and colour and so free and BIG! BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL ..what a teacher you are ,so enthusiastic and funny ..I am so sorry it is finished but is it ever finished? Thank you , thank you Dear Lynn, xxxxx

Kim ...thank you. You helped me get to that place where you lose a sense of time. Thank you...for everything!

Pegret:  Soooo sorry this session is over....want it to continue forever. I have never painted my butt off as I have in the last 5 weeks and never have been so HAPPY and rewarded. I have learned so much, love your process, your enthusiasm, your talent, your vibe and especially your kindness which set the tone for us to make such beautiful work and have such joy in mark making. You are very special and I am so fortunate to have worked with you....hope you will try to bring us all together again....xoxox

Debbie: I am so not ready for this class to be over! It has been so fabulous!! I have learned so much and had such a blast, and I still feel like I can use a part 2! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

Stacey: Lynn, THANK YOU! This has been such a great workshop (I refer to you, the content and the other members of the class). Really, this ranks as one of the best workshops I've ever taken and I'm soooo grateful!

Theresa: I too am so grateful to Lynn for getting me out of my comfort zone and teaching me to give myself permission to glop, slop, drip and spatter my way into floral bliss. I would have never painted like this if I hadn't taken this class. THANK YOU LYNN WHIPPLE. I really enjoyed your class the most.

Kimberly: Lynn, I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed this class. Thank you so much! Thank you for making it fun and not about perfection. I will keep an eye open for future classes that you teach. I learned so much during these last weeks. Thank you! Thank you!

Truly, the thanks goes to all of you who turned up your music, let the paint fly and trusted your perfect instincts!! What a treat!! I applaud you and can't wait to see more of what you create! With loads of love and deep appreciation, xoxo Lynn

Details and video here! 

Move Your Hands!

xOXO, lynn

Would you like to Paint Big?
Paint Vibrantly?
Paint Loose?
Paint Blooms?
I am so excited to share with you an approach to painting and drawing that embraces your wild side! Using acrylic paint and pastel we will push towards abstraction and a fresh interpretation of a traditional subject matter… flowers!

Join us and enjoy....

The Pleasure of expressing freely
Painting large, loose and playfully
Pouring your personality into your work

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