JOy Stuff! The Art of Noticing


I would love to share with you my favorite ways to celebrate all of the delightful things we come across in our everyday lives. Working in my JOy Stuff sketchbook has opened up a whole new way to make art, move my hands and soak in appreciation. It has been a wonderful addition to my world and gets me off to an artful, positive and grateful start each day. 

We will draw, paint, write, play and make paper. We will collage and create delightful pages and fill them with meaning. And we will create ways to extend our gratitude to others from tiny thank you notes to love letters and more. Let's create a joy based, portable studio in our sketchbooks!! Please join in the fun! We would love to have you be a part of our lovely, supportive online community.

All my best and loads of JOy! 

 xoxo Lynn